Lawn Maintenance

Full service lawn maintenance including commercial and residential care. Cut, trim, blow off driveways, sidewalks and bagging are available.


5 Point Turf Plan

We believe that our 5 Point Turf Plan applications are the minimum needed for a healthy looking lawn. That is why we developed our one of a kind 5 Point Turf Plan. Our plan includes the following: 

  • March-April - Pre- and post-emergence of crab grass application- This procedure limits the amount of crab grass that can germinate throughout your lawn
  • May-June - 1st Weed and Feed application- This consists of fertilizing and eliminating weeds from your lawn, also at this time we will spot spray for any grab grass
  • June-July - Surface Insect Control application- This ensures that your lawn is free of most surface insects so it can begin to develop
  • August-September - 2nd Weed and Feed or Fertilize application- This consists of fertilizing and eliminating weeds from your lawn
  • November-December - Turf Food application- This is a late fall fertilizer which ensures your lawn to be healthy, green and lush earlier than normal in spring. 
  • Note:  We blow off all sidewalks and driveways free of any fertilizer. 

* Price based on per application basis.
* Additional applications to Turf Plan optional and available upon request.

Other Application Services, click on below to learn more about each Application 


Other Landscape Services

  • Installation of new lawnHarley Rake (power box rake)
  • Utility Tractor work---Brush Hog, Backhoe
  • Mulching*/Re-edging (click here for pricing) We can complete this job for you or we can sell and deliver it for you if you want to tackle this job yourself
  • Stone Walls / Brick Patios (click here for pricing)
  • Spring/Fall clean-ups---Cleaning up dead leaves and branches from landscape beds
  • Shrub and Tree maintenance---We will trim shrubs and trees into shape
  • Prices are very competitive
  • Free Estimate on new landscaping
  • Plantings, Shrubs, Mulch, Stones





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